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And nothing of value was lost

At times it must seem that Riddled is just a long-prolonged campaign to convince some publisher with an excess of moneys and a deficit of market judgement that a book-length investigation into the topic of GcMAF (and the interesting characters who deal in the stuff) would sell well enough to recover my insignificant advance. Not to mention my travel expenses.

So to prove that there is more to Riddled than the snake-oil industry, let's look at what appears to be a reënactment of The Mosquito Coast, on location in Belize, with a cast of mostly non-professionals, possibly to become a reality-TV show. Of great interest to the Riddled Amateur Dramatic Society.
Heavy Metal: Not a reliable source
about classical Yucatán culture

Belize, Uncle Smut? Isn't that where John McAfee was holed up, experimenting with a radically transhumanist diet of cognitive enhancers and herbal antibiotics and cocaine, until he was spirited away in precipitous haste by a phalanx of well-remunerated lawyers, to avoid tedious questions about the murder of the neighbouring beachcomber along the Caribbean coastline?

Indeed it is, well done younglings. The McAfee episode was just another example of the over-representation of Belize in the fictive realm. Belize punches above its weight in terms of literary footprint... it must be a tradition, or an old charter or something. Or due to its status as an English-speaking enclave along the Yucatán peninsula.
Bonus Heavy Metal Mayan porn
It may be that Desmond Bagley novels are more reliable that Heavy Metal as a source of information about the Yucatán. About cenotes, and diving, and the anthropological perspective on Conquistadorean encounters with Mayan culture, which is to say, about acquiring someone else's gold. Bagley novels are also a good source of key life lessons about soil liquefaction, and avalanches, and model train-set scheduling as a Turing-complete universal computer.

One can only speculate if cenote diving is part of the curriculum for Amanda Mary Jewell's Healing Training Centre:

Amanda Mary the bleach-enema hotelier and GcMAF peddler, last seen in Mexico as Senior Cancer Researcher, claiming the dubious imprimatur of a Mexican cancer-quackery clinic? Talking patients out of treatment and generously setting up crowd-sourcing fundraisers for them to pay for her own ministrations protocols?
You promised a break from GcMAF.

I lied. Oh look, a skwirl more details on the Holistic Certified Training and Healing Centre from AMJ Enterprises! The basic idea is admirable, to scam wannabee-scammers who already call themselves "holistic healers"... in the manner of Stone Soup, they will pay $3000 to pass their unique skills in different Healing Modalities on to one another.

But there were two drawbacks to this scheme. First, the location pencilled in to accommodate the three-week group encounter consists of four cabanas for guest couples and a one-bedroom bungalow for the owners, so 40 larval-stage grifters would present some over-crowding, even if the 7-acre grounds become a camping site. Second, the reason why wannabee Alt-Med scammers want to be Alt-Med scammers is that they don't have money, so discouraging expressions of impecunious enthusiasm comprise the comment thread -- "I would love to attend, if only I had spare $3000!"

So the posts were unposted from the FaceBukkake, and all those comments were lost in time, like tears in rain. Their place has been taken by the Other Other operation, targetted at a more select clientele of unwell persons -- fewer of them, but each willing to spare $25000 for food & board (therapy prices extra), 1/2 deposit in advance.

Just look at it:
[more details here]

This is a completely mad scheme. It is a scheme cobbled together from wistful thinking and purloined beach scenes, with a layer of pebbledash to cover over the holes. It is as mad as a barrel of green squirrels dancing a jig on a giant blue flower. It is as daft as inviting people to pay €1.5mill. for a billet on the Apocalypse Ark -- the isolated, undetected impregnable village, with Free Energy self-sufficiency, to which the billet-holders will be evacuated by a fleet of "high speed, long distance helicopter’s" in the event of the End of Civilisation As We Know it. No, wait, that was the scam Amanda Mary was trying five years ago.

Details of the Platinum Program have changed little from the non-precious program -- which cost $3000 in Feb. 2016, $5000 in September, and then metamorphosed like a beautiful butterfly into the Diamond Program at $25000 for two -- bruited about in the days of Amanda's purported affiliation to the Flor de la Salud disk-surgery-cures-everything butcher, when she claimed to be their agent and was inviting payments on their behalf.* But the imagery of promised accommodation (all blue-sea-and-palmtrees) is new; the photographs are not the Bamboo Beach Resort and there are many silver milk-bottle tops payable to anyone who recognises their actual source. Though the scheme does not require the provision of genuine Belizean accommodation, fine dining, or trained medical personnel even in the unlikely event of some sucker ponying up the deposit, so the question is noncupatory.

This will leave the Bamboo Beach Resort free to become the campus of Healing Oracle University!
Until more details are revealed, or the post is unposted -- whichever comes first -- it remains unclear whether the curriculum will include sniper schools and military survival games for children.

BONUS AMJ deleted FB post. Human-centipede-style repetition of the "abortions cause cancer" lie made up decades ago by shameless forced-birthers, adorned with freshly-fabricated numbers like so many non-pareils, and presented warm and still glistening with rectal mucus...
... but later the post was aborted. Amanda is burnishing her 'spirituality' credentials and cuddling up with the fetus-fondling theocrats, perhaps in the hope that the sense of affinity will make them more gullible, in which case I am cheering for both sides.

* It is not clear quite why and when AMJ and the Flor de la Salud clinic parted ways. Perhaps the latter changed the locks to stop her sneaking in to pose for lab-coated selfies in the head-quack's office and in the operating room, which all attracts publicity, but not the right kind.
In other news, Desmond Bagley had really crap luck with movie adaptations.

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Before the kiss, A red cap #2
[Stealing from Neuroskeptic edition]

The likelihood of wearing red clothes while performing multivariate statistics does not vary with the menstrual cycle. Good to know.

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It's only cannibalism if we're equals

It was a slow day in the Dumbth Mine, so I opened the door into the Intertubes labeled "GcMAF" to see if there was any drama. The names of Lesley Hutchings and Amanda Mary Jewell were on prominent display, which augured well.
And then there were arrests for money-laundering followed by a great disturbance in the Force.

Below for your delectation we excerpt a FaceBukkake subthread, in which various Natural Born Suckers search among themselves for reasons why some sketchy inhabitant of a tax haven using a Virgin Islands e-address has neither sent the cancer-curing substance for which they paid $$$, nor refunded the money. Eventually they decide that CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS are involved; also imprisonment or assassination, or both. We expect you to zoom in and read it in detail.

Please to recall, younglings, that GcMAF used to be a miraculous all-curative Unobtainium, variously extracted at enormous expense from blood, magic yoghurt, and by enzymatic deglycolation of colostrum protein. Alas, every two-bit gig-stealing picayune grifter took to slapping a 'GcMAF' label on their scams, generally cheapening the brand, and inspiring Dr Marco Ruggiero to come up with a new and even more all-curative product -- Rerum, 'The stuff', quite a new good thing [Beckett 1953], composed of condroitin sulphate, oleic acid and vitamin D. Its advantages over GcMAF -- in addition to Ruggiero's exclusive control of the brand -- emphasise its harmless placebo nature, as if listed more for the benefit of potential distributors rather than for consumers.

But Ruggiero had not reckoned with the workings of the Morphogenetic Field, for Trevor Banks -- another erstwhile GcMAF pimp -- has independently discovered Omnia, which is also composed of condroitin sulphate, oleic acid and vitamin D. The name is gratifying for 'The Third Policeman' fans, who know full well that Omnium can do anything and is basically Latin for 'MacGuffin'. Such is the power of synchronicity and narrativium that even the list of Omnia's advantages over GcMAF echo those of Rerum.

Now Bank's previous business venture was 'GcMAF.la', a site festooned with fulsome testimonials for GcMAF, penned with all the sincerity of a Penthouse Letters column (a recurring theme in Trevor's website designs), and targetting the Spanish-speaking American market.* But alas, there is no word yet on the GcMAF.la site about the new and actually-working Omnia product; either GcMAF still works in Latin America, or Banks is using that sector of the market as a dumping-ground for superannuated goods. We are SHOCKED by this cavalier attitude to the customers, or caballero attitude as the case may be.
Below: Mining letters for
Penthouse: A and B are easy

Now this is all in the way of an elaborate segue to Lesley Hutchings, Banks' sister and erstwhile partner in a number of GcMAF-peddling activities.** Currently she sells vanity products... toothpaste, and her MAFactive skin-cream, which is primarily emu fat. Sometimes the lotion is credited with curative powers drawn from single- or quadruple-strength trace amounts of the magic protein, and sometimes it is homeopathic, the trace amounts having been diluted to non-existence for the sake of even greater potency. We cultivate an attitude of caution towards large-flightless-bird-based products, they are known to cause diar-rhea, so we are casso-wary. Instead the Riddled Gifte-Shoppe now offers our "Liniment of Gratified Desire", made with fats from the finest vat-grown godmeat, rendered down in our hygienic GMP facility and then hand-crafted by Riddled staff for protein enrichment of varying and unquantified degrees.
Another Kiwi renders down the Godmeat
What concerns us here is Lesley's Persecution and Assassination, as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton. For the French newspapers finally arrived on the breakfast table at stately Riddled manor, several weeks delayed and smelling faintly of creosote, I prefer not to dwell upon the possible uses to which the library pixies have put them in the interim, and this is what we read:
Les gendarmes ont découvert dans la Manche plusieurs laboratoires clandestins d'où ils expédiaient leurs prétendus produits. La dose, le plus souvent des fioles de quelques millitres, était vendue jusqu'à 500 € aux clients. Les dirigeants de ce faux laboratoire animaient aussi une page Facebook où des malades ou prétendus tel assuraient être guéris quand d'autres assuraient qu'en quelques jours leurs tumeurs avaient «reculé de 60 %».
Les gendarmes ont découvert que le faux laboratoire avait expédié pas moins de 5400 colis à travers toute l'Europe depuis son installation il y a dix-huit mois juste dans les environs de Cherbourg. Curieusement l'adresse postale de cette société était située sur l'île anglaise de Guernesey, paradis fiscal. Deux hommes âgés de 49 et 52 ans ont été présentés à un juge du pôle santé du parquet de Paris pour être mis en examen.
... i.e. arrests (three weeks ago) at a clandestine GcMAF lab in a farmhouse in the environs of Cherbourg, an hour or two's drive up the N13 from Lesley's abode near Bion.#
Coincidentally, Lesley's website MAFactive is now in a state of Abbey-ance -- unable to deliver on purchases of the soothing emu-lient lotion -- while financial contribtions are sought for Lesley's own legal defense. Also too she fears for her life, what with Mossad clean-up teams, it is the whole Pharma Kill-list revisited. Crivens!
The pharma equivalent of the protein used in the cream is undergoing trials and will soon become available at a much higher cost. This is an alliance between pharma / Israel govts / USA govts.  The trials of this pharma protein started in 2014, the persecution of all things related to gcmaf started in February 2015. The end date of the trails, after which it can be marketed is May 2017. All competition MUST be extinguished before then.
I just am thankful that I do not live in a country where handguns are routinely carried, in the USA the outcome for doctors involved with gcmaf in 2015 was much worse, with many dying under suspicious circumstances.
I am glad to be out of it alive. They will launch their new product at any cost to human life. This is why I am facing a 5 year jail term with unbelievable charges, for making a cosmetic that harmed no one. There was never any issues with the cream, never a single complaint, never a single mention of anything to the public liability insurance that I had.
The clinical trial just up there, it leads to the back-story... or one of the back-stories... this one about the private company Efranat. Who started a well-meaning trial of GcMAF, until October 2015 when they changed the name of the putative immunotherapy drug to "EF-202". There has been no update since then; the trial is still "enlisting patients", while the Efranat website has not altered either since the last News and Events in November 2015.*** IT IS A DEAD PARROT.

The leap from "moribund private company" to "Israel govt" is not an obvious one, unless you are a scamming Alt-Med magical thinker (but I repeat myself), susceptible to the persuasive powers of Crank Magnetism, whereupon antisemitism and the Jewish / NWO Conspiracy are always the explanation of everything, AS FORETOLD IN THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION.
Top: Reindeer excitable
because antlers on fire
Now here there was to have been a clever segue to Amanda Mary Jewell -- erstwhile colleague and DEADLY RIVAL of Lesley and Trevor in GcMAF importation, recipient of a pig-colon transplant, who likes to pose in lab-coat cosplay and billed herself as Senior Cancer Researcher and consultant at a Tijuana conman's quackery. But tl;dw so let's jump straight to her FB feed, which is slightly more excitable and hair-on-fire than usual.

9:31 Amanda: Who’s heard of Pringles? Once you pop you can’t stop. Do you know the flavouring that’s being used?
Pixellated Participant: [inaudible]
Amanda: Absolutely!
Unpixellated Participant: Eh?
Amanda: Aborted foetuses. Every part of an aborted – whether it’s elective or whether you choose to terminate a pregnancy or the body naturally aborts the baby – it’s all called an abortion at the end of the day, a termination whether it’s elective or not. They then take that foetus and every part of that foetus is sold on the market.
Various participants: [inaudible]
Amanda: Well one part of it is “natural flavorings” that they turn it into. So whether it be potato chips, cheese spreads, Kraft – I can give you a list of products. If you want to eat human flesh, go ahead, but it’s not harming my body, it’s not going into my body, it’s your choice.

Soylent Green Processed food is people fetal! I saw that movie!

It is interesting where the "fetal parts in food" fabrication came from, no I tell a lie... it was spun out of airy nothing a few years ago by some mendacious forced-pregnancy gobshite, making it inherently boring. There is much more fetus-fetishist virtue-signalling in AMJ's FaceBukkake feed. She has no obvious incentive fot climbing aboard the anti-abortion scamwagon so one can only surmise that she appropriated this particular pukefunnel in order to drive away prospective customers if they retain any time-wasting vestige of question-asking habits, leaving her free to concentrate her credulity exploits on the ones whose gullibility is most steadfast in the face of absurdity.

"Credulity Exploits" would be a good bandname, just saying.
* Judging from the joint recipients of these grateful endorsements, "GcMAF.la" was a joint venture with Kerri Rivera, who was previously noted for collecting bleach-enemas-cure-autism endorsements to use in her bleach-pimp business (until legal encounters encouraged her to find a new grift).

** The siblings first came onto the Riddled radar when Trevor launched into a campaign of letter-writing to defend the idea of curing autism with bleach enemas, I am not making this up. Trevor and Lesley later parted in Acrimony, which is (as any fule kno) a quaint little Tuscan village in the Apennine foothills... the circle of GcMAF dealers may be small but it generates enough bitter feuding and histrionic estrangement to supply scripts for an entire season of WWF bouts.

*** Efranat started out with (a) such touching faith in Dr Yamamoto [discoverer of GcMAF as cancer cure] that they honoured him with co-foundership, and (b) a license to produce the stuff using his process of enzymatic deglycolation. Only later, after borrowing and spending $4.5 million, were they to discover that Yamamoto is a fabulist, whose results were comprehensively faked and whose extraction method only works in the presence of a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother to begin the cascade of molecular transformation. So they progressively scrubbed his name from company documentation and boarded up the windows in the hope that investors wouldn't notice.

♯ Another French news outlet adds the detail that as well as the 'laboratory' in Digosville near Cherbourg, two other labs were busted in the February raids, by the town of Mortain where Lesley abides.

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Is it any wonder that my mind's on fire
Imprisoned by the thoughts of what to do

Here at the Riddled Fermented-Milk Products Department, it is with great pleasure mixed with an expectation of financial compensation that we award the inaugural Cheese Promotion Cup to Blum, Febo & Badgaiyan for their ground-breaking advances in scientific illustration:

Only eat non-addictive brains, people!

Frivolous younglings, you are not taking this seriously. The intention of Figure 13 is to dramatise the heartbreak of Addictive Brain, and how to cure it through dietary supplements like KB220Z, which will bind up your brain in the manner of a well-aged fromage.

Some people have defective brain-chemistry neuroreceptors that force them to crave stimulation, so they seek out dangerous situations involving flying skwirls or rats on strings.

Or they drink recklessly and solicit furtive but semi-public handjobs... possibly unmindful that a surveillance painter has been installed in the Wigglesworth Lounge of the Old Entomologist since last month's regrettable episode with the pinball machine.

In other cases the risky but stimulating behaviour manifests as an addiction to writing ostensibly-scholarly papers, but illustrating them with garish WTF diagrams -- not entirely persuasive, and seemingly drawn in the throes of a tequila hangover -- then paying low-life predatory publishers to put them on line, as if daring us to point and laugh:

Figure 9 Schematic representation of Brain Reward Cascade. Happy Brain feeling of well-being [38] with permission.

Figure 7 Cartoon showing that raising brain endorphines with the known enkephalinase inhibitor D-Phenyalanine metabolite Hydrocinnamic Acid blocks alcohol craving.

What was going though the authors' heads? Apart from a hypodermic needle full of Hydrocinnamic Acid to raise brain endorphines.

The skeezy little mockademic scammers facilitating the risk were in this case "Austin Publishing Group", yet another gaggle of grifters from Hyderabad (two of our reckless authors -- Blum and Badgaiyan -- feature on the Editorial Board of "Austin Addiction Sciences").

Tell us more about Dr Blum's ideas, Uncle Smut!

You are in luck, importunate younglings! Anticipating your request, I have scoured the fringe literature to learn about dopamine-pathway dysfunction, and how this causes the "Reward Deficiency Syndrome" underlying addictive behaviours, and how this can be treated with the dietary supplement neuroadaptagen KB202z, alias SynaptaGenX, alias Synaptamine™, alias Synaptose, marketed by K. Blum's companies.

Figure 7 above ['Happy Brain feeling of wellbeing'] originally appeared in Blum et al. (2012), "Neurogenetics and Nutrigenomics of Neuro-Nutrient Therapy for Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS)", from Journal of Addiction Research Therapy. Where JART is a journal-shaped dumpster from the skiving wazzcocks of OMICS Publishing Group, with Kenneth Blum as quondam Editor-i-C.

Blum has squeezed out a further 22 publications through various OMICS spigots, and regularly appears as Keynote Speaker at OMICS scamferences; his dedication to publishing is tireless, prolific, compulsive, and possibly treatable with KB202z.

Further below the bottom of the publishing barrel, Dr Blum can be found pimping his products through spamming, shameless OMICS-wannabee mooks like Jacobs,


and SCIRP: ¹

Looking for the bottom of the barrel
These are all slight variations on a common theme, roughly as follows:
  • Aberrant allelles of a few genes cause dysfunction in the dopanergic pathways;
  • Reward Deficiency Syndrome is a Protean phenomenon that can variously manifest as opiate addiction, thrill-seeking, alcoholism, sex / porn addiction, eating disorders, problem gambling, lucid dreaming and possibly country dancing;
  • A simple though trademarked Neurogenetic test (GARS™) can tell whether an individual will develop RDS, for the benefit of potential employers and other interested parties -- contact Kenneth Blum for more information about Genetic Addiction Risk Score™; ²
  • RDS can be treated with the right mixture of dopamine precursors and herbs; ³
  • America will not be great again until the world accepts the reality of RDS and the prescient unrecognised genius of Kenneth Blum.*
Reckless Sleeper [Magritte, 1928] with A1 allelle
of Taq1A polymorphism for dopamine D2 receptor
DRD2 gene: oblivious to risk of lucid dreaming
NO I confess, I stole all this from the earlier inquiries of Neuroskeptic. Neuroskeptic has been working that side of the street for long enough to accumulate precedence and expertise in this academic field of Advanced Blum Studies.

Here is the gist of the story: Blum's main contribution to the sum total of gnowledge dates back to 1990, when he announced the isolation of the genetic basis of all addiction. Subsequent replications of that discovery have been erratic, and largely confined to research groups associated with Blum et al.; it is all reminiscent of the paradigmatic Gene for Homosexuality, which is rediscovered at roughly five-year intervals, to much media furore, on a different chromosome each time.

But this has not deterred Blum from monetarising his methods for detecting and ameliorating incipient addiction, with a range of companies and websites, some now vanished and known only to the Wayback Machine. Multilevel Marketing is involved; also liposomes, and nanotechnology, to ensure that the magic amino mix survives digestion and crosses the blood-brain barrier. Also RDS conferences! -- organised through Blum's OMICS-clone company "United Scientific Group"... Neuroskeptic classes these as a commercial venture on account of the pay-to-play aspect, and the relentless spam solicitations, which begin in true Hyderabad style with "Greetings for the Day!" This is the short version, but there is clearly enough material for a Journal of Advanced Blum Studies.

That does not exist, but what we have instead is the "Journal of Reward Deficiency Syndrome" (now "J. Reward Defic. Syndr. & Addiction Sci.")... published by United Scientific Group, through "blumsrewarddeficiencysyndrome.com". The Editor-in-Chief is Kenneth Blum, and the first issue was largely written by Blum, about KB202z and such.

It is not clear why Blum spreads himself so widely and pumps so much money as 'processing fees' into the parasitic-publication industry, when he runs his own mockademic outlet.
This man needs more dopamine
1. Should not forget Frontiers in Bioscience, from a publisher noted for its unconventional publishing model; our old friend Medical Hypotheses; and the first issue of a Bangalore e-journal with little Interlattice footprint, with Blum as first author but written in a language barely recognisable as English.

Blum's frequent co-author R. Badgaiyan can also be found on the Editorial Boards of Sciepub, Bio-Accent, BioInfo, Avens, Sciencedomain International, Openventio and MedCrave, perhaps by way of apology to these egregious little shitweasels for failing to send any Blum-Badgaiyan press releases their way. Or perhaps he is competing with Dr George Perry for indiscriminate editorial promiscuity.

2. "Dominion Diagnostics" emerged from "DocBlum.com":
'The test involves swabbing the inside of the cheek with a foam-tipped applicator, applying the applicator to an indicator card, and mailing the card to a lab. A home test kit sells for $275, and the products cost $59.95 per month for pills and $29.95 for a corresponding oral spray that is said to provide 1-2 hours of relief from "cravings." The Web site also includes an application for becoming a "Reward" distributor for Nutrigenomic products.'

3. 'The "Reward" product line is marketed by Nutrigenomics, Inc., of San Antonio, Texas. It includes six formulas: Alcoholism/Heroin, Cocaine/Stimulants, Smoking/Tobacco, Weight Management, INFOCUS/ADD, and PMS, each of which contains vitamins, herbs, and amino acids. The "anti-alcohol" formula, for example, contains vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folic acid, vitamin B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, chromium, 5-hydroxytrypthophan, dl-phenylalanine, l-glutamine, rhodiala rosea, chamomile flower, passion flower, hops flower, oat straw powder, skullcap herb, motherwort herb, valerian root extract, and Jamaican dogwood extract.'

* Blum's original Whackyweedia entry is entertaining [H/t to "g05b"]:
I missed one! It never occurred to me that Blum would use the services of the third-generational Hyderabad scammers at "Peertechz" -- yes, that is really what they called their company -- because on a Scale of Griftiness from 1 to 10, Peertechz is up there at "Potato". What kind of nimrod would associate himself with a pack of gombeens called "Peertechz"?!

This is just embarrassing.

But wait, there's more! (there's always more). The Wayback Machine has helpfully archived a copy of Jeffrey Beall's less-than-positive assessment of Juniper Publishers ("Key to the researchers"), yet another wretched Hyderabad hive of scum and villainy. And one can't help wondering whether Drs Blum and Badgaiyan were using the Beall list of rip-offs and parasites as a guide to choosing which publishers to patronise with their recycled papers press releases, because we find Blum supporting the "Global Journal of Addiction & Rehabilitation Medicine".
The theory is flawed, however, because another pair of Hyderabad low-lifes Symbiosis Online started their late-comer scampaign of ingratiating spam too late to receive the full Beall treatment, but Blum gravitated to them anyway. The name is apt... 'symbiosis' is a broad term that subsumes parasitism as a special case.

"Open Access Text" is yet another band of OMICS alumni, spamming out their grift from Hyderabad with a faked London address. To expect Blum and Badgaiyan to stay away would be like asking a dog to stay away from vomit.
Marcelo Febo is the recipient of NIDA NIH DA038009 and Dr. Badgaiyan is the recipient of National Institutes of Health grants 1R01NS073884 and 1R21MH073624.